Local Strategies That Work

Local Strategies That Work

We keep it Local for Community Impact

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No matter how much effort goes into building and refining your marketing strategy, something else will always have a bigger impact on buyers. There is one voice that speaks louder than any blog post, captures more attention than any ad, and inspires people like no expertly crafted video ever could:

The voice of your customers.

Our Strategies

Three Simple Processes


We start with Engage to interact with your customers and the Search Engines with a Local Strategy. We create an optimal environment before we start promoting your products and services. This allows us to determine any possible reputation or popularity issues that may need immediate attention.


We promote and administer frequent Micro Fundraising events which get our clients noticed in their community by not only their target audience, but by the supporters of the local Non-Profits. We also work within the community and with your customers to get them talking about your business.


Today’s consumers are extremely skeptical about marketing messages. Companies can make wild claims about themselves, but when another business, customer, or better yet, a Non-Profit, talks about your brand, people listen. We use several techniques to make sure people know about you.

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