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We do local, just like you. Let us show you why that makes a difference

Let us help you grow your business the fastest, most effective way- Locally


The Local PR Firm is not a Big City Public Relations Firm.  We decided to scrap that a few years back and focus on small local markets where we can make a real difference in a local community.

By being in touch with your local community, we know the businesses, consumers and the challenges that small businesses face on a daily basis.  Our job is to increase your Popularity and Reputation both in your city, and online, and to develop new ways of helping you do business in your community.

Why Local Public Relations is important to your Small Business

Consumers want to do business with people they know like and trust.  In the absence of knowing you, the rely on others to help them make that decision. 

What people are saying about you online and off has a significant impact on your business. 

This is where The Local PR Firm can help - We will drive customers to your business because we know where they are looking, and with our strategies, they will know who you are and what you do for the community.

We are a Full Service Public Relations Firm, handling all aspects of your Earned, Owned and Paid Media needs

  • Earned Media is media that you earn from others.  Getting Reviews, Video Testimonials, Mentions and shares is paramount to our strategy.
  • Owned Media is media you control. Your Social Media Pages, Website, and Google My Listing pages are the front door to your business.
  • Paid Media is the final key.  Although we strive for Organic reach and exposure through Earned Media, is is crucial to use Paid Media.

The key to any successful PR Strategy is to use all of these Media types in a way that they compliment each other and create synergy.  This method allows for cross-over between the media types and makes it more impactful for your business.

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