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Local businesses face a different challenges than national brands. Budgets must be spent wiser, and there needs to be a focus on a highly targeted market, with the proper message.  The key to getting more local business, is to be known, be found and be reputable.  

By creating a strategy that combines PR, Local Search, Referral Programs and Reputation Management as one, we can make a lasting impact for your local business.



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Why Local Public Relations is important to your Small Business

Consumers want to do business with people they know like and trust.  In the absence of knowing you, the rely on others to help them make that decision. 

What people are saying about you online and off has a significant impact on your business. 

This is where The Local PR Firm can help - We will drive customers to your business because we know where they are looking, and with our strategies, they will know who you are and what you do for the community.

We are a Full Service Public Relations Firm, handling all aspects of your Earned, Owned and Paid Media needs

The key to any successful PR Strategy is to use Media types in a way that they compliment each other and create synergy.  This method allows for cross-over between the media types and makes it more impactful for your business.

  • Earned Media is media that you earn from others.  Getting Reviews, Video Testimonials, Mentions and shares is paramount to our strategy.
  • Owned Media is media you control. Your Social Media Pages, Website, Google My Business, and other relevant Listing pages are the front door to your business.
  • Paid Media is the final key.  Although we strive for Organic reach and exposure through Earned Media, sometimes Paid Media is necessary.  We help you target the right people to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and then invite them to be part of your Referral Program.  This is considered "Paid" media because you are rewarding the participant for referrals.

Local Public Relations is a strategic process that builds Popularity and Reputation for small businesses which in turn increases the likelyhood of an individual doing business with you.

Our PR Strategy revolves around influencing, engaging and building relationships with your clients across a myriad of platforms in order to shape and frame their perception of your company.

We have found that the best way to to do this is by using the closest thing we have to human contact: Live and pre-recorded Video.

We create, edit and broadcast Live Video Blogs, Video Podcasts, Client Testimonial Videos, Community Responsibility Videos, and Business Success Videos to the relevant Social Media platforms and Search networks. 


Our process works because it is simple: We do PR, not Advertising or Marketing


We understand that you are already active on Social Media and have most likely set up your Google My Business Account and are asking for Reviews.  

Our goal is to enhance what you are currently doing, not replace it. 

We assist in collecting content, create a story around it and then make sure the right people find it and see it by going Live or by assisting in hyper-targeting.

Our methodolgy to create effective PR is highly complex.  With each video we create a story that resonates with a particular consumer mix, and then we help you target that audience on the right platform.


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All Strategies Include access to:

Video Content Creation

We create posts from Testimonial, Success and Responsibility Videos to get the word out

Local Search Management

We manage and optimize your Google My Business Listing and Reputation Management

Interact Media Platform

Live and Pre-recorded Live Video Streaming and On demand Live Video Commerce and Communications

Avatar Building

We help identify your customer target groups and show you how to deliver videos to them with a story